Bruno DumontBruno Dumont
11. New Horizons IFF programme

The 11. edition will take place between the 21st and 31st of July 2011.

era new horizons international film festival is the biggest film festival in Poland and it is regarded as one of the most important film events in Central Europe. The festival presents uncompromising, innovative and original cinema from all over the world that explores new horizons in film language, expression and storytelling.

The festival has also a strong focus on music and contemporary art and organizes live music concerts every evening and art installations and performances throughout the city of Wroclaw. 



new horizons international competition – consists of 14 bold and original Polish premieres which always provoke extreme emotions, evoke delight or protests. Grand Prix - EUR 20,000. The winners of Grand Prix, Audience Award and FIPRESCI Prize are guaranteed distribution in Poland.

films on art international competition - feature-length documentaries on the borderline of cinema and visual arts are judged by an international jury. Award - EUR 10,000 & guaranteed distribution in Poland.

new polish films competition – latest, full-length Polish films, both features and documentaries. An international jury awards the Wrocław Film Prize (approx. EUR 25 000), and the Best New Director Prize (approx. EUR 10 000).

polish short films competition - new Polish short- and medium-length film productions.

european short debuts competition - for first films up to 30 minutes long. Prizes - EUR 1,000 for each category: fiction films, documentaries and animation.


other sections

panorama - films awarded at international film festivals, made by both renowned directors and newly discovered talents. 

third eye - a cycle of special screenings, presenting films made by visual artists for whom cinema is a means of expression.

documentaries, essays - documentary films, often told in the form of a film essay. 

midnight madness - films playing with conventions and referring to genre cinema. 


programme highlights 2011

norway expandedfocus on contemporary Norwegian films, music and art accompanied by industry events. Retrospective of Anja Breien.

red westerns - a review of films from Soviet Russia and the former Eastern Bloc made between 1920 and 1980, which meet the generic definition of a western. Collaboration with Rotterdam IFF.

pinku eigaclassic Japanese erotica from the 60s and 70s – a cult movement that shaped many auteurs in Japan.



Terry Gilliam a full insight into the works of the ex-Python. Great imagination, amazing visual aspect of his films and brilliant humor have made Terry Gilliam a truly cult director.

Bruno Dumont a retrospective of the films of one of the most interesting representatives of the „New French Extremism”. His award-winning films are naturalistic, intellectually-challenging and ask important questions about modern culture.

Jack Smith - a complete retrospective of the films of legendary American underground artist, including rare performance footage, examples of Smith's work with other filmmakers (Ken Jacobs, Andy Warhol), contemporary live film performances, recent films inspired by Smith and special guests.

Andrzej Munk films of one of the most celebrated representatives of the post-war Polish Film School, who confronted Polish film tradition and died young before showing his full potential.

Mariusz Wilczyński works of one of the best Polish animators, who is also very active in the field of music and art performances. Festival will also host special events including educational series and performance given by the artist.

Werner Nekes - is a prominent German artist who has been creating experimental movies and video art since the 60s.

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