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21 June 2011
Terry Gilliam will be the guest at the 11th IFF New Horizons

Terry Gilliam American in London, Monty Python member, well known to Polish public, comes to Wrocław! Roman Gutek in his weekly column in My New Horizons cycle in Gazeta Wyborcza Wrocław writes about the retrospective of Gilliam's artistic work, which will be the event of the 11th festival edition.

"(…) After seeing Orwellian Gilliam's "Brazil" produced in 1985, I could not wait his next films. He has an extraordinary imagination and that is why, he belongs to the greatest originals in the history of film art. He finds fulfillment in animation, and cinema acting. His fascination of the Middle Ages, surrealism, pop culture, numerous references to literature, fairy tales, and myths make that he creates his own cinema with a great dose of an absurd humor. The main characters of his films are: misfits, dreamers, "galley slaves of sensitivity" who overuse magical tricks and other substances and consider the visions more real than the reality. The director creating alternative worlds tries to show that the world is full of magic but only for those who are able to notice it."

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