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MOFILM is an innovative combination of art and marketing. Young filmmakers can implement their creative ideas making videos based on briefs prepared by companies. The competition winners are invited for to attend and see their work shown at these festivals.

This year, for the first time, authors of the best films rewarded in the competitions of MOFILM and cooperating brands will be invited to the New Horizons IFF (21-31 July). On 27th July, the awarded film will be shown in Wrocław.

Wrocław Poland 2011

More about Pepsi Films Poland 2011

You can watch productions awarded so far on the MOFILM YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/mofilmchannel#p/u

The Pepsi Films global competition has already been launched. Young filmmakers are supposed to create a one-minute-long film response to one of the following slogans: "Refresh... yourself!", "Leave your mark!", "I am famous!". In order to participate in the competition, applications should be uploaded on the MOFILM webpage in the tag: www.mofilm.com/competitions/pepsifilms. Among the participants, nine winners will be selected - three from each subject proposed by the organisers. The winners will receive financial prizes of 10 thousand, 2 thousand, and 500 dollars. The three first place winners will be invited to the New Horizons festival where their work will be shown. In Wrocław, from among these three finalists, the overall competition winner will be selected who will execute a unique Pepsi project with support of professional mentors and with a budget of 20 thousand dollars.

MOFILM cooperates with leading, worldwide brands (AT&T, Kodak, Pepsi, Chevrolet, Renaissance Hotels, Visa, and many more), the most important film events, prestigious film schools (LA Film School, London Film Academy), and film industry celebrities (including Spike Lee, Robert Redford, Kevin Spacey, and "Avatar" and "Titanic" producer Jon Landau). More information on www.mofilm.com

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