Ane Lan, Woman of the World (phot. Aurora E. Sandlilje)Ane Lan, Woman of the World (phot. Aurora E. Sandlilje)
Ane Lan: All the Women of The World Are in Me

BWA Wrocław - Studio BWA

(ul. Ruska 46 a, Zaułek Karla Eduarda von Holteia, Wrocław)

22 - 31.07.2011

The exhibition is a collaboration between the festival and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow.

Curated by: Maria Anna Potocka

All the Women of the World Are in Me is a feminist exhibition from the male point of view. It offers a glance at the female presence in the world, her versatility and capacity to adapt to all contexts. The exhibition shows both the entanglement of the stereotypical perception of women and helplessness towards these stereotypes. It is a comprehensive comment on the metamorphoses of perceiving gender in the times of the "extended democracy", which requires the understanding of the other side, looking at the situation from a different angle, becoming, at least for a while, the Other.

Ane Lan creates the circumstances to allow him become a woman and, consequently, look at the world with her eyes. The artist plays many parts since the woman does not exist - there are as many women as there are professions, contexts, and fates. He always handles this task with great kindness. His works are not suffused with irony, unless we treat submissiveness towards the subject matter as irony. There is no fooling around; on the contrary, there is a genuine need to see the feminine point of view and make a gesture never previously extended towards women.

Ane Lan was born in Oslo, Norway in 1972. He graduated from the National College of Art and design in Oslo in 2002 and is working in the field of performance, music and experimental film/video. He has participated in various international exhibitions; The Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, Paco das Artes, Sao Paulo, the 51 th Venice Biennial and the 10th Istanbul Biennial. Lan has also participated in numerous film & video festivals worldwide.

Exhibition partners: Studio BWA and Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków


Ane Lan
Ane Lan, The Carpentrial Son, 2002 (wideo)

Excerpt from Essay on Ane Lan by professor Ian Damerell, Faculty of Fine Art and Drama, Oslo University College, 11/02/2005
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