Crispin Hellion Glover's Big Slide Show

Once he was a promising star of the youth and adventure cinema, but he has decided to something different. Now he writes books devoted to freaky subjects, acts as a guest in weird films of famous directors, and films a trilogy about the disabled. In Wrocław Crispin Hellion Glover will hold his show, which has been received with enthusiasm all over the world. In the first part of the show, he will read book fragments with a stagy emphasis. The most famous books to be used by Glover are Oak Mot, 19th century prairie story, or Rat Catching, a compilation of performances. The performer is accompanied by a slide showing, which comprises illustrations. The showing subsequently turns into the presentation of the second part of the trilogy. It Is Fine. Everything Is Fine! tells us about the internal world of Steven who suffers from cerebral palsy. The condition does not stop him from weaving erotic fantasies about having sex with countless women, whose hair he pulls and who he strangles while having orgasm (film description). In the third part of the show, Glover answers the audience’s questions – there should be a plenty of them after the show. Finally, he goes to the foyer to sell and sign the books.www.crispinglover.com/slideshow.htm

It Is Fine. Everything Is Fine!
will also be shown on 24 July at 13:00p.m. in Helios 4 room.

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