"Thriller. It's not only a movie" exhibition

21.07 - 08.08.2011

BWA Wrocław | Gallery of Glass and Ceramics in Wrocław

Wrocław, Kościuszki Sq 9/10 (Mon - Fri from 11.00 - 18.00, Sat from 11.00 - 15.00)


BWA Wrocław | Modern Art Galleries | Gallery of Glass and Ceramics

Poznań New Gallery - Katarzyna Braniecka

Artistic Association NOWA NOWA - Grzegorz A. Jugo

Coordinators: Krzysztof Kucharczyk, Monika Tramś, Piotr Szpilski

Curator of the exhibition: Raman Tratsiuk

Thrillers are a genre of literature, film, video gaming and television programming that uses suspense, tension, and excitement as the main elements... Thrillers heavily stimulate the viewer's moods such as; a high level of anticipation, ultra-heightened expectation, uncertainty, anxiety, suspense, excitement, tension, terror. [Wikipedia]

In Michael Jackson's cult music video Thriller (1983) he reassures the terrified girl watching the film with the words: "It's only a movie!". A moment later Jackson transforms into a zombie, in this way blurring the boundary between film and reality.

The "Thriller. It's not only a movie" exhibition accompanying the 11th New Horizons International Film Festival 2011 balances on the edge of various genres and contexts. Viewers will be able to observe interde-pendencies between film and new media on one hand, and experience work manipulating states of anxiety, suspense, excitement, extremes on the other.

In 2010, the Bergamot group announced a competition for an idea or scenario for a performance addresssed to a wide audience. The most interesting are being realised by the artists. In this way the works from the "Organic Work" series come about. "...you can test your strength in performance art without risking anything" - reads the slogan on www.bergamot.in. Participants of the competition taking advantage of the situation often place the performers in extreme situations. In the exhibition we can see the video performance "Biting", based on the scenario by Hubert Hafke.

Izabella Gustowska, in the piece entitled "The Art of Difficult Choice", part of the monumental multimedia work "Life is a story", shown at the National Museum in Poznan in 2007, reaches for film materials. From tens of quotes the artist creates a fresco incorporating video projection and lightboxes. This piece may be compared to a butterfly collection: in round lightboxes the artist has trapped a collection of archetypal human behaviour, gestures and emotions. Due to this we can closely watch something elusive and intangible.

Leszek Knaflewski's object "Cement" presents a man dressed in a suit, tied by cables to an office chair. A bag from a lingerie shop has been put over the figure's head, on his neck hangs a small monitor whose screen shows a crotch covered by a cloth mask with a microphone placed at the mouth-opening. This work makes us feel like detectives fresh on a crime scene. We must sharpen our senses and intellect in order that the clues left in the gallery reveal the intriguing chain of events.

The hero of another Knaflewski's piece, "A dead artist is a good artist" (2003), is the head of a pre-war mannequin, which the artist got from the owner of a hat shop in Ruda Śląska. "I called him Gustav and then I took him to Poznań, and so we've been living together under one roof for over 10 years. In my film the dead artist pulls me over to his side to the extent that my face starts to look similar to that of a pre-war actor. I recorded the sound to the film using a instrument called an electric coffin, and this object also plays a symbolic role in the film."(Leszek Knaflewski)

Aleksandra Ska's piece, "Clip 1" 2009, brings to mind the atmosphere of David Cronenberg movies. Here the boundary between body and object is blurred. We are dealing with a hybrid - a gigantic necklace constructed of tens of variously-sized beads resembling of human heads. Fetishization makes the object come to life and gain control over a person, leading to the accession of reality through addictive fantasies.

Dominik Lejman's "Dead Trap" uses a quote from a Japanese horror of the same title. This time the bodyless medium of film is confronted with tangible painterly texture. The canvas together with the projected film gives the impression of a black abyss, corridor, tunnel at the end of which the light is not an exit to safety but rather a death trap.

The final note in this exhibition is one of the most recognized works by Natalia LL, "Skull", from 1995. The artist decorated this symbol of passing, meditation and melancholy with artificial anthurium flowers. She inserted a large banana into the mouth of the skull, in this way contrasting human passing with the immortality of art and infinity of bliss.

Raman Tratsiuk

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