Pinku eiga - Personal ArtPinku eiga - Personal Art
Witold Liszkowski: Pinku eiga - Personal Art

Muzeum Miejskie w Arsenale

(ul. Cieszyńskiego 9, Wrocław)

Pinku eiga - Personal Art is a multimedia artistic project performed as part of the 11th edition of NH IFF in Wrocław. This interdisciplinary initiative will be connected with films of the Japanese pinku eiga trend. A retrospective event of this trend will be a part of the festival.

The initiative comprises an outdoor exhibition of large-format paintings at the walls of the Wrocław Arsenal and an anniversary exhibition organised to celebrate three decades of Witold Liszkowski's artistic work. Numerous themes with which the author of the project is concerned sport personal and erotic atmosphere, whereas his abstract paintings evoke a certain feeling of disconcert and existential thoughts in the viewer - this is why they match the tone of pinku eiga movies so well.

The paintings which are to be presented on the walls of the Arsenal are quotes from selected Japanese movies with structures created by the author. They are collages infused with an aura of eroticism and unrest. These colourful compositions will merge together to form a positively monumental painting display. Their characteristic features will be smoothness and expressiveness of colours. The gloomy tone and the transformational merger of numerous styles will constitute connection points with the discourse of pinku eiga. In the halls of the Arsenal, there will be exhibitions of works from the following sections: Pytania (Questions), Wątpliwości (Doubts), Sztuka osobista (Personal Art.), Struktury magiczne (Magic Structures), Wspólna przestrzeń (Shared Space), and Sztuka zjawiskowa (Phenomenal Art.).

Witold Liszkowski - born in 1954. Artist and graduate of the Faculty of Painting and Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. For more than twenty years he has been a representative of experimental and multidisciplinary art. He organised many street actions, happenings and performances. With his spectacles and para-theatre actions he was present at many festivals in Poland and abroad. He was a member of the Art and Theory artistic group, combining his artistic activities with theoretical and aesthetic reflection. Since the mid-1990s he has been making painting and drawing cycle Struktury magiczne (Magical Structures) and a cycle of projections and spectacles Sztuka zjawiskowa (Phenomenal Art). Since 2005, together with Dominika Zamara, a Wrocław soprano singer, he has been implementing the multidisciplinary project Common space, presented at the 8th NH festival in Wrocław.

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