Baaba ft. Natalia Przybysz & Małgorzata Sarbak - July 26, 2011

The foundation of the original project of Bartek Weber was a wish to organise a solo journey to the world of electronic experiments. However, the initiator of the buzz soon had too much to do and his one-man team changed into a quartet. Balancing on the edge of jazz and rock, the band still tries to do their best and is eager to collaborate with various artists. Having recorded an album with Gaba Kulka with Iron Maiden covers, they invited Natu, known from the Sistars duet, to cooperation. The soul, warm vocals of one of the Przybysz sisters in combination with the mad ideas of the Warsaw citizens will certainly bring a very interesting effect. The musicians will give their own interpretation of Krzysztof Komeda's soundtrack to “The Fearless Vampire Killers”, a film parody by Roman Polański.

July 26, Tuesday, 23.30
T-Mobile Music in Arsenal

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Baaba is a quartet; its members are Weber/ Moretti / Zabrodzki / Duda. The group was founded by Bartosz Webera in 2000 and after a year of playing on sofas the group started playing regular concerts and received fantastic reviews in festivals in Poland and Europe. Already in 2002 the group was enthusiastically received during its concerts in Poland. In 2003 a concert bootleg "Warszawa-Gdańsk" was produced, and in 2004 a record with remixes (Remixas Congas). Baaba gives concerts in Poland and abroad (England, France, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Russia) both in clubs and renowned electronic music and jazz festivals (Fertilizer Festival, SKIF Festival, Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, Astigmatic, Les Nuits Europeenes, Terra Polska, Unsound Festival, Off Festival).

In 2010 the group's new record was released called Disco Externo, it received excellent reviews in the Polish press: "Disco Externo (…) is dominated by masterly combined rhythmic loops and showpiece juggling with samples of live instruments playing." (Jacek Skolimowski, Dziennik), "Bartosz Weber's group music is unusually precisely worked out, full of interesting sounds, quivering and colourful" (Filip Łobodziński, Newsweek). Baaba was nominated to receive the 'Mateusz' award of the Polish Radio Programme 3.

During the last day of Unsound Festival Baaba musicians presented their own interpretation of Krzysztof Komeda's soundtrack made for Roman Polański's parody film "The Fearless Vampire Killers". Singer Natalia Przybysz, known from the group Sistars, and harpsichordist Małgorzata Sarbak joined Baaba.

Natalia Przybysz

Co-founder of the music group Sistars where she sang R&B in 2001-2006. She recorded two studio albums Siła sióstr and A.E.I.O.U. Since 2008 she has been performing solo under the artistic name Natu. In 2008 she released her debut solo album Maupka Comes Home (in cooperation with the music producer Envee). Two years later she released the record GRAM DUSZY in the record label Mystic - the product of cooperation with Envee, Jurek Zagórski and Dominik Trębski.

Małgorzata Sarbak

A harpsichordist who graduated with honours from the Frederic Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw, studied in Boston and won several scholarships for master classes with H. Dreyfus, B. van Asperen, J. Van Imerseel, K. Haugsand, J. Ogg, M. van Delft, R. Hill and W. Kłosiewicz (France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Poland). She made archive recordings for Polskie Radio, the Polish national broadcasting organization, which chose her to represent Poland at the “New Talent” international contest organized by the EBU in Bratislava in 2005. As a soloist, Sarbak has given concerts and made recordings with the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra, the Polish Radio Orchestra, the Cracow Philharmonic Orchestra and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Łódź during many festivals in Poland and abroad (including Nantes, Bilbao, Tokyo and Berlin). She also collaborates with the Grand Theatre-National Opera (“Tańczmy Bacha” [Lets dance Bach]) and the Dramatic Theatre in Warsaw (music for the play “Daleko od Wichrowych Wzgórz” [Far from Wuthering Heights]). Małgorzata Sarbak gives regular concerts at Warsaw clubs, promoting her instrument and repertoire in spaces and areas unusual for such events.

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