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Next life - July 22, 2011

Han Nguyen Dinh remembers well the moment when the sound from Commodore 64 damaged the loudspeakers of his home television set. Although he was only six when this event took place, he reminds it every time he plays a concert with his group. The Norwegian trio consisting of a guitar, a laptop and drums combines the simplicity of 8-bit melody with sudden explosions of noises. Aggressive riffs and mathematic rhythms are balanced by slightly grotesque electronic parts. Their eagerness to enter subsequent levels of music goes hand in hand with their mad joy of destruction.

July 22, Friday, 23.30
T-Mobile Music in Arsenal

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Next Life did their first show in 1999, everyone present knew that it was a band destined for cult worship. An unidentified mixture of chip-sounds and extremely violent music, presented by fast-moving, almost cartoon-like characters, made the Next Life shows become an instant classic. It was quite describing that Next Life's debut album from 2006 was named Electic Violence.

Since then, Next Life has been a band of ultra-slow evolution. From the more electronic output of their Red End 7" (2000) and their debut, to the synth/guitar hybrid of The Lost Age (2009), to The Resurrection EP (2010) which marked the 10th anniversary of the band by adding a drummer to the line-up.

The EP was the testing ground for Artificial Divinity, the third album by Next Life and shows a band with a wider approach to music than before. The 12 tracks of the album range from meditative sub-channel industrial sounds to ultra-complex metal blow-outs and will excite both new and old fans.

Next Life's distinct sound and self-imposed limitations has created expectations that Next Life has a grand plan - a goal to their evolution that lies far beyond the present state of music. And while other bands change their styles and sound dated after a couple of years, Next Life's output keep sounding more futuristic for each year that passes.

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