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24 July 2011
Audience Award - how to vote for films taking part in competitions

According to our annual tradition, we invite the festival's audience to participate in a plebiscite thanks to which the winners of Audience Award will be selected from a few categories. We will vote for the films grouped in three competitions:




In the case of the short film competitions the audience grants three awards - for the best plot, documentary and animation. In the New Horizons competition - one award is granted for the best film of the competition. Altogether - seven awards. As a consequence of being granted an Audience Award in the International New Horizons Competition, a film is guaranteed to be distributed in Poland.

In the New Horizons competition, we vote for a specific film, whereas in the case of the short film competitions, the voting concerns the films presented in sets. One set includes only the films of a particular genre - feature films, documentaries or animations.

Each member of the audience who enters a competition screening with a ticket or a book of tickets will receive at entrance a coupon with a unique code, title of a selected film or films forming a set as well as time of screening and a room where the screening takes place. The code from the coupon is to identify specific vote; it can be used only once. Voting is possible via text message or festival's website. Vote can be casted after six hours from the beginning of the screening at latest (voting code is valid for six hours). Films are evaluated on the basis of 1-6 scale (highest rate - 6, lowest - 1). Each voter will participate in drawing in-kind prizes.

Voting via text messages

In order to vote for a specific film via a free text message, it is necessary to send the code of the film as well as its rating to the following number: 8092.

For example: if you want to give 4 to a specific film from International New Horizons Competition, you need to send a text to 8092 with the message XYZV.4, where "XYZV" is a code which you will find on a coupon given to you before the screening, and where "4" is the film rating.

Films grouped in sets (Polish Short Films, European Short Debuts) are evaluated according to the order in which they are screened. For example: if you want to give 3 to the first film from the set, 4 to the second one, then you have to send a text to 8092 with the message XYZV.1:3.2:4, where "XYZV" is a code from the coupon given to you before the screening, "1:3" is your rating of the film screened as the first one, and "2:4" - your rating of the second one. Your vote will be valid even if you do not rate all the films from the set.

The system will generate a confirmation message which will be sent to you as a proof of your vote.

Voting via the website

Votes can be sent also by the festival website www.nowehoryzonty.pl. You can do using your computer or computers rendered available in the Puppet Theatre, Helios cinema and in Multikino - Arkady Wrocławskie. The voter does not have to have an account on the festival's website - logging in is not required. It is enough to click "Vote" button placed on the top bar of the booking site. In the window which will appear you have to enter a unique code from the coupon given to you before the screening, and then enter your rating(s) in appropriate fields.

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