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19 July 2011
Grinderman invites The Lollipops!

The Lollipops, a band from Olsztyn, will support Nick Cave and Grinderman at the only concert of the group in Poland during the 11th IFF New Horizons on 29th July, on Słodowa Island.

On 8th July, in the Chwila Da club in Warsaw took place an audition of eight bands, which competed to support Grinderman during their only show in Poland. The musicians performed in front of a six-member jury (Radosław Drabik, Kostas Georgakopulos, Zbigniew Hołdys, Dionizy Piątkowski, Marek Raduli, Jarek Szubrycht), who were to decide who of the contestants will be presented to the management of Nick Cave's band.

The final three was Camero Cat, Searching For Calm, and The Lollipops. Then the bands were auditioned by Grinderman.

In Ale Zrob Głośniej! contest there are no losers. The remaining finalists will also perform at IFF New Horizons. Camero Cat will present their amazing show in the Arsenał club on 23th July, and a week later - on 30th July - Wrocław will listen to the noisy programme of Searching For Calm.

About The Lollipops

Camero Cat at the T-Mobile Music Stage on 23rd July

Searching For Calm at the T-Mobile Music Stage on 30th July

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