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24 June 2011
Roee Rosen in Warsaw and Wrocław

Roee Rosen's exhibition THE DYNAMIC DEAD ROEE ROSEN will be on view at Modern Art Centre (Warsaw) in Ujazdów Castle until 3 July. Rosen, an artist from Tel Aviv - painter, writer, film-maker, and art theoretician will be the guest of the 11th IFF NH. The artist, who is considered by the international review one of the most important artists acting in Israel, will sit at the jury's table of Films About Art Contest in Wrocław. Wrocław public will has an opportunity to see his films in festival cycle The Third Eye.

The world of art paid attention to Rosen in 1997 when in Live and Die as Eva Braun he offered the impersonation of Adolf Hitler's mistress to the viewers. Also, he proposed seeing her point of view along with political, ethical, and erotic consequences. The examination of intellectual transgression potential and iconoclastic gesture, manipulation of identity definition, asking about the possibilities of fictional persons creation, blurring the line between the viewer consciousness, author, and presented figures - all these elements are key ones in two other Rosen's projects Justine Frank and Confessions.

While the performance of Rosen's artistic work is set on the crossing of visual arts, literature, and cinema, it finds fulfillment in the extended narrations, which combine the fiction and reality, risky masquerades, and provocative mystifications. Rosen deals with the subject of death between the lines of his artistic scripts. The death is not only understood in a private, physical sense, but also it is seen as a place in the past, memory, and history. The death and history, which are transplanted in the present times, become the subjects of manipulation, political polemics, desire, and the open space to unruly speculations; Roee Rosen is too eager to lead such speculations.

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