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05 July 2011
Philipp Garrel's "Un été brûlant" in Venetian competition

A new film by one of our favourite festival's directors, a Frenchman, Philippe Garrel, Un été brûlant (A Burning Hot Summer) will be screened as a part of this year's competition of Venice Festival (31 August-10 September 2011). Garrel's films have been frequently shown during Lido: J'entends plus la guitare (I Can No Longer Hear the Guitar, Silver Lion 1991), Night Wind, 1999; Wild Innocence, 2001; Regular Lovers, Silver Lion 2005. Garrel wrote the screenplay of Un été brûlant together with Mark Cholodenko and Caroline Deruas-Garrel; the film stars Monica Bellucci, Louis Garrel, Céline Salette, Jérôme Robart and Maurice Garrel in a posthumous episode. It is a story of a tragic-end relationship between a beautiful actress and a painter madly in love with her.

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