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06 July 2011
A Strolling Guide to a conscious consumption in Wroclaw

Cross the border and come to the side of a conscious consumption in Wroclaw. It is worth giving it a try before the festival, while planning which festival's paths to tread. On a special website for the Strolling Guide to Wroclaw, Lower Silesian Eco-development Foundation has drawn up a list of places in the city where you will consume consciously; the choice was professionally justified. On the map of a conscious consumption there are such places as a cult Wroclaw Miś Bar, Falanster, as well as Mediateka with Puppet Theatre, serving as reminders that also culture and art are worth being consumed consciously. Highly recommended!

A Strolling Guide indicates places such as:

  • shops and cafés selling environmentally friendly and Fairtrade products
  • shops selling recycled or hand-made products as well as places where it is possible to exchange/fix usable things
  • other places fostering conscious and responsible consumption and operating pursuant to balanced models (coffee bar clubs running information activity, places hosting free workshops, cultural events, film screenings, debates etc.)

Practical guide to a conscious consumption in Wroclaw

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