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22 July 2011
Paweł Urbanik encourages us to watch Norwegian films

One of the editors of the festival publication on Norwegian cinematography, Paweł Urbanik, recommends:

The film part of the Norway Expanded section is a synthetic look at cinematography that has recently been stressing its presence at foreign festivals, which attracts crowds of native viewers and constantly looks for new means of expression. The picture is heterogeneous; it avoids the stereotypical view on Norwegian film, and tries to capture its complex character, which is shaped both by "traditional" Norwegian films, generic productions, and ones that escape all attempts at labelling. Norwegian cinematography has never been presented in such a way in Poland.

The programme includes stories related to Ibsen's and Bergman's artistic outcome, a blockbuster about a revolt on an island, tales of misfits or undefined individuals, and also total surprises - a pseudo-documentary about trolls (sic!), a horror about zombie Nazis, or total madness - a thriller based on a real spy affair from the 80s. Short films, which in Norway are as important as feature-length films, are also worth watching, like Anita Killi's Angry man. Another exceptional event is a section devoted to Anja Breien, who combines in her thematically and stylistically complex films female point of view and social awareness often marked with a strong, contestational tone.

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