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24 July 2011
New Wave from Greece

We publish a text by Urszula Lipińska devoted to Greek New Wave, from the June issue of the KINO magazine:

"Films bloom best on the ashes, and the eyes of the film world turn to politically throbbing countries - this also applies to Greece. "It is probably not by accident, that the arrival of Greek New Wave coincides with the country's crisis" - says Athanitis. Venia Vergou adds, that much of these films have a social dimension; they are related to the current mood in the country: anger, fear, and lack of satisfaction and the feeling of being cheated by the corrupted system. "I have always been fascinated by Greeks' apathy and patience. Now we can go off because of the smallest issue, we react on each other with aggression, which, in my opinion, characterises the contemporary Greece" - says Yannis Economides, the author of "Knifer" shown in Busan".

Urszula Lipińska: Suspended in contradiction (Greek New Wave)

Hòra proèlefsis (directed by Syllas Tzoumerkas) at the 11th IFF New Horizons

Attenberg (directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari) at the 11th IFF New Horizons

Kynodontas (directed by Giorgos Lanthimos) at the 11th IFF New Horizons

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