Batalla en el cielo dir. Carlos ReygadasBatalla en el cielo dir. Carlos Reygadas
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31 July 2011
Joanna Łapińska and Roman Gutek about the 12th edition of New Horizons

Mexican cinema, a visit from Carlos Reygadas, a retrospective of Serb Dušan Makavejev and Austrian filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky and a review of works by Ulrich Seidl - these are the most significant events of the next year's edition of the festival New Horizons which will be held on 19-29 July 2012.

Joanna Łapińska: - It is true that the proposals of Mexican art cinema extremely rarely reach the Polish screens, but we happen to watch this cinema quite regularly at international festivals. It seems that there is a very strong group of art house filmmakers; for example, Nicolás Pereda whom we only started to discover (his "Summer of Goliath" was in this year's New Horizons Competition), and yet this active director has been for quite some time a known name of world cinema.

Roman Gutek: - Makavejev is also a very New Horizons creator. A bit like Godard, he was constantly questioning the reality; he was very critical and uncompromising in what he was doing. At the same time the form of his films, especially the first ones, is extremely interesting. Besides, Makavejev was strongly engaged in politics and being uncompromising gained him many fans.

Joanna Łapińska: - It is about an Austrian filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky. The previous editions of our festival have already proven that when we present the avant-garde cinema, very often turn toward Austria. That is where the most interesting things in the world happen. Peter Tscherkassky is not only an interesting filmmaker, but he also has a great knowledge about what is happening in the contemporary avant-garde. We are still thinking about the idea of proposing to Tscherkassky a personal selection of the most interesting avant-garde films in the history of Austrian cinema. (...) Ulrich Seidl is known to our audience, we have already presented his films during New Horizons. This time we will look at the amazing documentaries of this artist. Seidl announces a completion of one or two new films during this year. We cannot imagine this retrospective without him. We hope to have him come over for the festival.

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