15 July 2011
10 projects selected for the Polish-Norwegian Co-production Forum at the 11. New Horizons IFF

The Polish-Norwegian Co-production Forum will take place on 26-28 July during the 11. New Horizons IFF in Wrocław, Poland. The Forum is a perfect opportunity to make contacts, find co-producers as well as a future distributor or a sales agent for a film.

5 films  from each country in different stages of production were selected as specially promoted projects pitched during the event.

80 participants from both countries have been confirmed. They include producers such as Opus Film, Storm Studios, Maipo, Prasa i Film, sales agents, i.e. Trust Nordisk, distributors, i.e. Gutek Film, Best Film, Vivarto and buyers from Polsat, TVP and Canal+ Poland.

The event will include both pitching to a group and one-to-one meeting sessions. Case studies of Essential Killing (J.Skolimowski) and King of Devil’s Island (M.Holst) two recent successful Polish-Norwegian co-productions – will also take place during the Forum.

The forum is a joint enterprise of the New Horizons IFF and the Norwegian Film Institute ran within the “Norway Expanded” project co-financed by the Cultural Exchange Programme within the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

Projects selected for the Forum:

  • Eggg (Maipo AS)
  • Norge (Storm Studios)
  • One Last Chance, dir.  Mona J. Hoel (Freedom from Fear AS)
  • The Grass Widows, dir. Åse Svenheim Drivenes (Sant & Usant)
  • Polak Potrafi, dir. Leiv Igor Devold (Devold Film)
  • Charlotte, dir. Marcin Filipowicz (Kalejdoskop)
  • Fugue, dir. Agnieszka Smoczyńska (Prasa i Film)
  • Love in Times of Communism, dir. Anna Jadowska (Donten & Lacroix Films)
  • The Yellow Coat, dir. Kordian Piwowarski (Pokromski Studio, Kwieciński Group)
  • The Trap, dir. Robert Turło, Paweł Czarzasty (Metro Films)
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