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Seifert Is Dead, Whistle While You Work, Casus belli, +Plus, The Great Race, The First Anders, Funeral Parlours
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European Short Debuts - fiction 3
subtitles: Polish and English
Seifert Is Dead
Betten Seifert ist tot
Germany 2010 / 14’
director: Thomas Krauslach
screenplay: Thomas Krauslach
cinematography: Erik Schimschar
editing: Karin Steger
sales: Dani Barsch
language: German
colouration: colour

Wolfgang cares for his ailing wife, whose condition requires his utter devotion. Although the loving husband makes selfless sacrifices, he sometimes needs an escape from his responsibilities…

Thomas Krauslach

Thomas Krauslach was born and raised in Erfurt, Germany. He took part in a script development course in 2006 and has since made several advertising spots and image films. Seifert Is Dead is his first narrative short film. Thomas Krauslach is currently working on a feature film script.


2010 Seifert nie żyje / Betten Seifert ist tot / Seifert Is Dead (short)

Whistle While You Work
Helvetin hyvää työtä
Finland 2009 / 10'26’
director: Jussi Sandhu, Ville Hakonen
screenplay: Jussi Sandhu
cinematography: Anne-Mari Musturi
editing: Ville Hakonen
sales: Mikko Helmanen
language: Finnish
colouration: colour

As its creators admit, this short film about work, family and devotion is close to the mood and feel of Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman films.

Jussi Sandhu

She is a film editor in short films. Whistle While You Work is sher debut as an director.


2009 Gwizdanie przy pracy / Helvetin hyvää työtä / Whistle While You Work (short, co-dir.)

Ville Hakonen

A film editor and composer. Whistle While You Work is his debut as a film director.


2009 Gwizdanie przy pracy / Helvetin hyvää työtä / Whistle While You Work (short, co-dir.)

Casus belli
Greece 2010 / 11’
director: Yorgos Zois
screenplay: Yorgos Zois
cinematography: Yiannis Kanakis
editing: Ioannis Chalkiadakis
sales: Maria Drandaki
awards: Greek Film Academy 2011 – Best Short Film; Gulf Festival 2011 – First Prize
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour

The subject of Yorgois Zois’ film was once the daily scourge of shoppers in communist Poland – the queue. The Greek director’s vision extends to seven different queues, including at church, at sports betting offices, and art galleries. Some people wait impatiently to reach their goal, but others actively seek to resolve the static situation.

Yorgos Zois

He was born and lives in Athens. He studied applied Math and Physics in N.T.U.A. and film direction in Stavrakou Film School, Athens. Berlin where he was awarded a scholarship by Costa-Gavras. He has worked as an assistant to Theo Angelopoulos. Casus belli is his debut short film. 


2010 Casus belli (short)

Sweden 2010 / 14'30’
director: George Ivanov
screenplay: George Ivanov
cinematography: Trolle Davidson
editing: Erlend Kristoffersen
sales: Swedish Film Institute
language: Swedish
colouration: colour

Ten year old Bianca and her younger brother Alex are suddenly separated. When they reunite years later, Bianca is about to get married, while Alex’s life is heading for disaster. When they try to deal with their past, they realize that some things are perhaps best left untouched.

George Ivanov

+Plus is the debut of writer/director George Ivanov who has been the program director of the Stockholm International Film Festival since 2005.


2010 +Plus (short)

The Great Race
La gran carrera
Spain 2010 / 7’
director: Kote Camacho
screenplay: Kote Camacho
cinematography: Kote Camacho
editing: Kote Camacho
sales: Kimuak
awards: Festiwal Kina Amatorskiego i Niezależnego KAN 2011 – Silver KANewka for Best Foreign Short Film; FEC Cambrils – Reus European Short FF 2011 – Second Prize for the Best European Short Film
language: Spanish
colouration: b&w

In 1914, the Lasarte horse racetrack announces a competition for its highest-ever prize: five hundred thousand pesetas. The world’s top eight stallions and mares enter the race. Casual spectators and hardened gamblers alike come together from all over the world to watch the fierce battle ahead.

Kote Camacho

Born in 1980. A graduate in Fine Arts by the University of the Basque Country, Kote Camacho has been a comic scriptwriter and artist for Napartheid. He has lived in Bilbao, Madrid and London. He has been a storyboard artist (Caótica Ana by Julio Medem; 28 Weeks Later by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo), traditional and 3D animator and he has also worked in post production. He currently lives in Oiartzun, where he has created his first short film for the silver screen, The Great Race.


2010 Wielki wyścig / La gran carrera / The Great Race (short)

The First Anders
Den forste Anders
Denmark 2010 / 8’
director: Kristian Ussing Andersen
screenplay: Kristian Ussing Andersen, Tyler Levine
cinematography: Adam Jandrup
editing: Kristian Ussing Andersen
sales: Diktator Film
language: Danish
colouration: colour

A short, funny story that sometimes brings to mind Spike Jonze’s under-appreciated Where The Wild Things Are. In both films, we enter a young protagonist’s fantasy world. In Kristian Ussing Andersen’s short work, that world emerges from a story about family ancestry told by the boy’s father, who hopes to teach his son some valuable life lessons.

Kristian Ussing Andersen

Kristian Ussing Andersen started his carreer in film by skiing. He then went on to writing and directing short films with a co-director Jonas Bech while studying film. From there he ventured into commercial, music videos and TV and has since been working with many different aspects of visual storytelling in these areas. He directed and edited a couple of TV series – both fiction and non-fiction – and a lot of comercials and music videos.


2010 Pierwszy Anders / Den forste Anders / The First Anders (short)

Funeral Parlours
Spain 2010 / 15’
director: Miguel Mendez
screenplay: Eva Novo, Jorge Martín
cinematography: Carlos Terroso
editing: Carlos Blas
sales: ECAM
language: Spanish
colouration: colour

Alba has health problems. While out in town, she meets Amaro, who has a hobby of visiting funeral parlours…

Miguel Mendez

He studied Sociology at Madrid’s Universidad Complutense, while carrying out small assistant jobs on short films, with the aim of getting into the profession. He eventually enrolled at ECAM, majoring in film direction. Funeral Parlours is his end of studies project and his first 35 mm film.


2010 Usługi pogrzebowe / Tanatorios / Funeral Parlours (short)

Prepared by: Patryk Tomiczek

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