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I, the Ladder and Charlie, The Man with the Cardboard Head, Poodle, Broken Wave, I Am Round, The Blindness, A Desert Day Dream, Old Fangs, DA-18, Heavy Heads
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allen oraz merigeau i holly sa naprawde swietni, ale wystarczy mi maly ekran. adamson przeslodzony. labbe i bricaud slabi. frank postarac sie znalezc gdzies indziej.
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European Short Debuts - animation 2
subtitles: Polish and English
I, the Ladder and Charlie
Io, la scala e Charly
Italy 2010 / 1'50’
director: Kenji Matsushita
screenplay: Kenji Matsushita
editing: Kenji Matsushita
animation: Kenji Matsushita
sales: Kenji Matsushita
language: no dialogues
colouration: b&w

The work of a young artist is basically like a sketch of a film and simultaneously, maybe even subconsciously and not necessarily in accord with the intentions of the author, goes back to the beginnings of animated production, to its characteristic simplicity.

Kenji Matsushita

Lives in Italy. Studies art and performs his animated films. During his studies he completed I, the Ladder and Charlie.


2010 Ja, drabina i Charlie / Io, la scala e Charly / I, the Ladder and Charlie (short, anim.)

The Man with the Cardboard Head
O homem de cabeça de papelão
Portugal, UK 2010 / 9'13’
director: Luís da Matta Almeida, Pedro Lino
screenplay: Nélia Cruz
editing: Luís da Matta Almeida, Pedro Lino
animation: André Marques, Armando Coelho. Daniela Duarte, Jeroen Jaspaert, Marta Monteiro, Pedro Lino
sales: Agência da Curta Metragem
language: Portuguese
colouration: colour

Anthony had a terrible flaw: he only tells the truth, nothing but the truth. His family tried everything to cure him, but in vain. At grown up, he looks for a watchmaker who gives him a cardboard head to replace his own, while he tries to fix it. With the new head, nothing will be the same anymore.

Luís da Matta Almeida

Working in animation since 1987, he is producer and director of Zeppelin Filmes, membership of European Cartoon Board, Vice-President of APPA (Portuguese Animation Producers Association) and President of Casa da Animação. He produced, directed and distributed animated films and series, which won 102 international awards including the Cartoon d’Or in 2000.

Selected filmography:

2010 Człowiek z kartonową głową / O homem de cabeça de papelão / The Man with the Cardboard Head (short, anim., co-dir.)

Pedro Lino

Born in 1980, works on animation movies, illustration and graphic design. He has won, among others awards, the Prémio Jovem Cinesta Português, at the Cinanima Festival 2004.


2010 Człowiek z kartonową głową / O homem de cabeça de papelão / The Man with the Cardboard Head (short, anim., co-dir.)

Belgium 2010 / 16’
director: Noémie Marsily, Carl Roosens
screenplay: Noémie Marsily, Carl Roosens
editing: Noémie Marsily, Carl Roosens
animation: Noémie Marsily, Carl Roosens
sales: Zorobabel Films
language: French
colouration: b&w

A cartoon and a cut-out animated joke sometimes referring to the surrealist aesthetics. The combination of different animation techniques resulted in a work breaking the film illusion and perfectly fitting into an occasionally absurd story of a dog, a man and a magazine.

Carl Roosens

Carl Roosens likes telling stories. He’s an illustrator. He founded Nos Restes publishing in 2007, making fanzine books, exhibitions and concerts.


2010 Pudel / Caniche / Poodle (short, anim., co-dir.)

Noémie Marsily

Noémie Marsily is born in 1983 in Belgium. She is painter, illustrator and filmmaker. She’s also part of the collective Nos Restes in Brussels, which is experimenting around books, narration, pictures, highlighting the diversity of practices.


2010 Pudel / Caniche / Poodle (short, anim., co-dir.)

Broken Wave
UK 2009 / 2'53’
director: Chris Allen
screenplay: Chris Allen
editing: Raquel O.Couceiro
animation: Chris Allen, Tara Baker, Tim Grant, David Abiose
sales: Arts University College at Bournemouth
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour

Broken Wave is an animated short that visualizes the notion of remembering, understanding that the slightest things can trigger a memory. The film expresses someone else’s experiences just by listening to their interpretation of the event.

Chris Allen

During his time at college he started to look at animating the mind; making some short animations about dreams and the thought of being trapped. As he says: Directing my film Broken Wave in my final year of the Arts Institute at Bournemouth has allowed me to develop this love of expressing inner mind states this time by visually interpreting another’s thoughts. Within my second year at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth I worked on Fish, an animated short about a little girl and her quest to find happiness, winner of Animex 2D animation category.


2009 Rozbita fala / Broken Wave (short, anim.)

I Am Round
Jag är rund
Sweden 2011 / 13'33’
director: Mario Adamson
screenplay: Mario Adamson
editing: Adam Georgiou
animation: Rikard Gartmyhr, Charlotte Öström
sales: Swedish Film Institute
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour

A plastic clay tale on alienation, discrimination and an attempt to adapt a round being to a square environment calls to mind the An Adventure in Stripes by Alina Maliszewska. Adamson’s film is thematically related with Maliszewska’s film yet different as to the manner of approaching the problem. The rawness of the Pole’s picture is replaced by the screen sweetness, which causes the reception distance not as much as shrink but to be simply bridged.

Mario Adamson

Was born in 1976 in Stockholm. His roots are in two cultures, due to his Swedish mother and Greek father. He has studied film at Stockholm Film School and sound for film at Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm. In 1999 Mario started Medusa Productions and has since then worked primarily as a freelance sound designer/field recordist/composer on a great number of features, documentaries and shorts.


2011 Jestem cały / Jag är rund / I Am Round (short, anim.)

The Blindness
France 2010 / 3’
director: Boris Labbé, Marion Bricaud
screenplay: Boris Labbé, Marion Bricaud
editing: Boris Labbé, Marion Bricaud
animation: Boris Labbé, Marion Bricaud
sales: E.M.C.A. Angouleme
language: French
colouration: b&w

The narrator of the short animation shares his memories of the loss of sight. His tale is accompanied by spots filling the screen, blurs, lack of sharpness attempting to mirror the experience of a man who is gradually losing the ability to see the world.

Boris Labbé, Marion Bricaud

Boris Labbé and Marion Bricaud are student arts the Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation (EMCA) from 2008 till 2011, after having studied Graphics Arts.


2010 Ślepota / Aveuglement / The Blindness (short, anim.)

A Desert Day Dream
Germany 2010 / 3'40’
director: Tobias Köber
screenplay: Tobias Köber
editing: Tobias Köber
animation: Tobias Köber
sales: Tobias Köber
language: no dialogues
colouration: b&w

A man, deranged in the forest, haunted by darkness and finally turned into a wolf, gets lost in the desert of his dreams.

Tobias Köber

Born in 1989 in Augsburg. Between 2005 and 2007 he was gaining skills in the area of design at Fachoberschule in Augsburg. Since 2009 he has been studying illustration at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.


2010 Pustynny sen na jawie / A Desert Day Dream (short, anim.)

Old Fangs
Ireland 2009 / 11’
director: Adrien Merigeau, Alan Holly
screenplay: Adrien Merigeau
editing: Adrien Merigeau, Alan Holly
animation: Adrien Merigeau, Alan Holly
sales: Cartoon Saloon
awards: Galway Film Fleadh 2011 – Honorable Mention; Seoul International Youth FF 2011 – Jury’s Special Mention; Animation Block Party – Best in Show; Giffoni FF – Second Place
language: English
colouration: colour

In the Old Fangs animated people are replaced by animal characters whose personality and problems refer to the problems of the human world in an unambiguous way. Adrien Merigeau’s and Alan Holly’s film is not at all, as it could be expected after the first fragments, a carefree story but a gloomy and drastic one on complicated human relations between a father and a son.

Adrien Merigeau

Adrien is a talented young director whose short film Old Fangs, produced by Cartoon Saloon, is currently enjoying the global festival circuit. Adrien studied at EMCA in Angoulême and has worked as a director, concept designer, art director and illustrator. He was a key member of the art direction team on the Oscar nominated The Secret of Kells, and helped create the unique visual style for the film.

Selected filmography:

2009 Stare kły / Old Fangs (short, anim., co-dir.)

Alan Holly

Animator and filmmaker from Ireland. He made his student film Tógtha in 2004 and has since been working variously as writer, director, character animator and storyboard artist. He directed his first professional short film The Red Ball in 2007. In 2009 he made a one minute short, Dialogue, as well as co-directing Adrien Merigeau’s Old Fangs. He co-directed the music video, Scattered, with Adrien Merigeau in 2010. He currently directing the short film At the Surface.

Selected filmography:

2009 Stare kły / Old Fangs (short, anim., co-dir.)

Germany 2010 / 3'51’
director: Martin Grözinger
screenplay: Martin Grözinger
editing: Martin Grözinger
animation: Martin Grözinger
sales: Martin Grözinger
language: no dialogues
colouration: b&w

DA-18 is a film of a young director with education implying his interest in the technological aspect of a film work. He is responsible for the final shape of DA-18, where technology serves the reinforcement of the impact of the film’s content. His almost 4-minutes’ long work is an expression of admiration for the opportunities opened for the artist by the language of an animated film and the respect for modernist tradition, where the content is the foundation of a work.

Martin Grözinger

Born and raised in a town near to Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg. After School he Studied Graphic-Design, and two years in an Advertising Agency and a small Animation Studio, he desided to get into Filmmaking and learn about Animation and Visual Effects at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg.


2010 DA-18 (short, anim.)

Heavy Heads
Denmark 2010 / 7'34’
director: Helena Frank
screenplay: Helena Frank
editing: Jakob Juul Toldam
animation: Anders Friis Christiansen, Jonas Mølgaard Jensen, Thomas Hinnerup Grønlund, Peter Lopes, Louise Bergholt Sørensen
sales: Helena Frank
awards: The Talent Award 2010 – Best New Danish Talent
language: Danish
colouration: colour

Covered with different shades of gray the black comedy on loneliness and the surprising relation of a woman with a… fly traveled around the world visiting significant film events including festivals in Berlin, Sundance and Edinburgh.

Helena Frank

Born in 1981 in Linköping (Sweden). For several years she has studied art and animation and between 2006 and 2010 she attended the National Film School of Denmark. Heavy Heads was completed for graduation.


2010 Ciężkie głowy / Heavy Heads / Heavy Heads (short, anim.)

Prepared by: Patryk Tomiczek

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