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The Runaway, The Mirror, The 54, Lots of Opinion, 1994, Take Cover, Non-Film in Three Acts and a Prelude
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krótko więc nie wymęczy, też mam plamę na ścianie, w kształcie Australii
~ mnemmosyne
Coś by się tu znalazło...
~ noir
szkoda, że tylko raz grane, koliduje z innymi filmami, ale ciekawe
~ courty
European Short Debuts - fiction 2
subtitles: Polish and English
The Runaway
La huida
Spain 2009 / 11’
director: Victor Carrey
screenplay: Victor Carrey
cinematography: Bet Rourich
editing: Israel L. Escudero, Martí Roca
sales: Escándalo Films
awards: Villa de Arona ISFF 2010 – Best Editing Award
language: Spanish
colouration: colour

A bit of bubble gum. A dog leash. A stain on a wall, in the shape of Australia. Each of them with its own history. Together, they have a story to tell.

Victor Carrey

Born in Barcelona, Victor Carrey has graduated from ESCAC (Cinema and Audiovisual Arts College of Catalonia) in 2004. He has since worked as a music video director, creating over thirty pieces for different artists, and he has also worked in the Advertising and TV industry.

Selected filmography:

2009 Uciekinier / La huida / The Runaway (short)

The Mirror
Le miroir
Switzerland 2010 / 6’
director: Antoine Tinguely, Laurent Fauchère aka Ramon & Pedro
screenplay: Antoine Tinguely, Laurent Fauchère
cinematography: Simon Wannaz, Guillaume Mégroz
editing: Water NYC
sales: Idip Films
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour

This film by Antoine Tinguely and Laurent Fauchère, shows that a reflection in a mirror is a fleeting witness of the present image of the reflected subject. It does not register anything beyond the present moment, but it is a reference to the past in the memory of the reflected person, who unceasingly undergoes change and transformation. Rather than recording time, it makes us conscious of its passage.

Antoine Tinguely, Laurent Fauchère (aka Ramon & Pedro)

They met while studying at Switzerland’s ERAG (State School of Graphic Design) in Lausanne but chose different paths until 1999, when they found themselves sitting next to each other as creative directors at Trollbäck & Company in New York. They also made the internet cult sensation The Grey Video, a bootleg homage to The Beatles & Jay Z.

Selected filmography:

2010 Lustro / Le miroir / The Mirror (short)

The 54
De 54
Netherlands 2010 / 13’
director: Philip Hering
screenplay: Liesbeth Wieggers
cinematography: Ton Peters
editing: Rino Gouw
sales: Philip Hering
language: Dutch
colouration: colour

In this short film Philip Hering examines the ambiguity of human behaviour and interpersonal relationships, and how they may take on very different meanings for a casual, external observer. The film’s central character thinks she knows the nature of the bonds linking an adult man and a young girl.

Philip Hering

Philip Hering was trained at N.F.T.V.A., the Netherlands Film Academy. He had the privilege to work with many talented directors and actors on these projects and over the years many of them encouraged him in his ambition to work as a director. Due to its form and content the scrip for the short film The 54 was well suited for his debut in directing.


2010 54. / De 54 / The 54 (short)

2010 Russen in Amsterdam (short, doc.)

2010 Klas Torstensson (short, doc.)

2010 De Gezinsmanger (short, anim.)

Lots of Opinion
Germany 2010 / 5'45’
director: Martin Minsel, Florian Schnell
screenplay: Florian Schnell
cinematography: Katharina Bühler
editing: Stephan Bhinger
sales: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
language: German
colouration: colour

This film is a pop-culture protest against the aesthetics of the modern world. The film does not dwell long on its chosen subject, but is suffused with an energised intensity.

Martin Minsel

Martin Minsel, born in 1986. After graduation in 2007 he started to study Digital Arts at the German Film School, Elstal/Babelsberg Film School, Potsdam and finished as an undergraduate 2008. Since 2008 he is a student at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg/Germany studying Technical directing. Meinungsmeer is Martin Minsel first movie as an director together with Florian Schnell.


2010 Morze opinii / Meinungsmeer / Lots of Opinion (short, co-dir.)

Florian Schnell

Director Florian Schnell, born in 1984, got his first experience at film already during highschool. He also got knowledge in scripting, dramaturgy and production manager. Since 2008 he studies directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg/Germany. Meinungsmeer is their first movie together with Martin Minsel.


2010 Morze opinii / Meinungsmeer / Lots of Opinion (short, co-dir.)

Norway 2010 / 29’
director: Kaveh Tehrani
screenplay: Kaveh Tehrani
cinematography: Jens Ramborg
editing: Christian Siebenherz
sales: Babusjka Films
awards: Krakow FF 2011 – Golden Dragon
language: Persian, Norwegian
colouration: colour

An Iranian family settles in Lillehammer in the early 1990s, while the city is preparing for the Winter Olympics. At first they meet with a very friendly welcome, but once Olympics wrap-up, the community returns to its old rhythms and the new settlers are faced with very different responses. 1994 is a dark comedy about xenophobia and the attempt to find one’s place in a new culture.

Kaveh Tehrani

Kaveh Tehrani was born in Tehran, Iran in 1978. He has attended Høgskolen i Lillehammer and the University of Oslo, where he has completed a degree in film- and comparative literature. He has also studied at the European Film College in Ebeltoft, Denmark.


2010 1994 (short)

Take Cover
UK 2010 / 4'30’
director: Naz Massoumi
screenplay: Naz Massoumi
cinematography: Pete Milner
editing: Ed Ison
sales: Saltaire Films
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour

In Naz Massoumi’s film, an encounter between a Muslim woman and an older man has immediate political and cultural implications. This short film by the Iranian-born, British-educated director is a convincingly objective look at a crucial issue preoccupying today’s world.

Naz Massoumi

Born in Tehran (1980). Graduated in 2004 with an MA in filmmaking at University of Bristol where he wrote and produced Her Revolution (2004), a documentary about an Iranian woman’s account of the Iranian Revolution. Take Cover (2010), his first fiction short as writer/director, premiered at Encounters International Short Film Festival in November 2010. He currently works as an Assistant Producer on television documentaries for the BBC.


2010 Schronienie / Take Cover (short)

Non-Film in Three Acts and a Prelude
Não filme em três actos e um prelúdio
Germany 2010 / 12'30’
director: Rita Macedo
screenplay: Rita Macedo
cinematography: Stefan Butzmühlen, Vika Kirchenbauer, Stefan Neuberger
editing: Rita Macedo
sales: Rita Macedo
awards: Luso-Brasilian Cinema Festival 2010 – Honorable Mention
language: Portuguese
colouration: colour

How can a film be a ‘non-film’? What sort of internal struggles lead it to consciously rebel against its own name and category?

Rita Macedo

Born in 1983 in Lisbon. After living in Macau, Portugal and Canada, the filmmaker is now based in Berlin. Her work overlaps film and visual language, poetry and literature. It focuses on themes like power structures within society, human condition and humanity. She studied film and video in Lisbon and is at the moment a student at the Universität der Künste Berlin.

Selected filmography:

2010 Niefilm w trzech aktach i preludium / Não filme em três actos e um prelúdio / Non-Film in Three Acts and a Prelude (short)

Prepared by: Patryk Tomiczek

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