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Untitled, Train of Thought, Françoise, Pest(s), The Gloaming, I’m Going to Disneyland, The People from Flight 103, The Inventor, Miss Remarkable & Her Career
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European Short Debuts - animation 1
subtitles: Polish and English
Germany 2010 / 3'49’
director: Jens Julich
screenplay: Jens Julich
editing: Jens Julich
animation: Jens Julich
sales: Jens Julich
language: German
colouration: b&w

A thin thread of a tale about those heavy mornings when the mind and the body want to wander on in the depths of the dreamed abstraction while the reality starts to force itself in a more and more brutal way and snatches the dreamer from the arms of Morpheus.

Jens Julich

Born in 1987 in Jena, Germany. In 2009 he graduated from studies of illustration at HAW in Hamburg. Untitled is his film debut.


2010 Bez tytułu / Untitled (short, anim.)

Train of Thought
UK 2009 / 3'57’
director: Leo Bridle, Ben Thomas
screenplay: Leo Bridle, Ben Thomas
editing: Raquel O. Couceiro, Florence Kennard
animation: Leo Bridle, Ben Thomas
sales: Arts University College at Bournemouth
awards: Animex 2010 – Best Experimental Animation; Skepto IFF 2010 – Best Super Short; Monstra Lisbon Animation Festival 2010 – Special Mention
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour

The Train of Thought is an anti-thesis of Daniel Szczechura’s Journey. While in the classic Polish animation nothing happened, in the picture by Leo Bridle and Ben Thomas almost too much is happening. Not only as far as the plot is concerned but also in the area of various animation techniques used by the authors.

Leo Bridle

He started making films at the age of 16. In 2006 his film was on the front page of YouTube. This led him to the direction of a French video clip for the BBC children’s channel. He is interested in creating worlds that combine photography with drawing. He likes to work in the area between film and animation. Currently he is living in Great Britain, where he works as an independent director and animator.


2009 Pociąg myśli / Train of Thought (short, anim., co-dir.)

Ben Thomas

He graduated from the Bournemouth Arts Institute. He majored in layout, background and environment design, however he is well acquainted with all the aspects of the production process as well as in 2D and stop motion animation. He is interested in a career of an art director and a stage designer both in animation and action films. His passion is drawing and sketching. He is fascinated with the power of communication through picture.


2009 Pociąg myśli / Train of Thought (short, anim., co-dir.)

France 2010 / 2'40’
director: Elsa Duhamel
screenplay: Elsa Duhamel
editing: Elsa Duhamel
animation: Jean Bouthors
sales: E.M.C.A
awards: Singapore Very Short IFF 2011 – Women’s Right Prize
language: French
colouration: b&w

Umowną i symboliczną warstwę animowaną filmu Françoise dopełnia pozakadrowy, drżący głos narratora, który dzieli się bolesną historią gwałtu na kilkuletniej dziewczynce. Dysonans między kolorowym rysunkiem i dramatycznym wyznaniem jeszcze bardziej potęguje wrażenie, jakie na widzu robi ta opowieść.

Elsa Duhamel

Studentka École des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation. Jej krótkomterażowy debiut Françoise pokazywany był na wielu uznanych międzynarodowych festiwalach animacji i krótkiego metrażu (m.in. International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand).


2010 Françoise (short, anim.)

France 2010 / 4'26’
director: ArtFX: Erick Hupin, Hans Baldzuhn, Pierre Nahoum, Baptiste Ode, Phillipe Puech
screenplay: Erick Hupin, Hans Baldzuhn, Pierre Nahoum, Baptiste Ode, Phillipe Puech
editing: Erick Hupin, Hans Baldzuhn, Pierre Nahoum, Baptiste Ode, Phillipe Puech
animation: Alaric Mahu, Mathieu Benedetti
sales: ArtFX
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour

An animated super-production in the short version. In the Pest(s) a whole mini-world of mini-people is living with their homes, every-day appliances, cars, and remains unnoticed by normal-sized people, who ruthlessly take a vacuum cleaner and annihilate the parallel universe…


The members of the group create visual works using the latest achievements in the world of animation. They use both 2D and 3D techniques. An example of their application is the film entitled Pest(s).


2010 Szkodnik(i) / Nuisible(s) / Pest(s) (short, anim.)

The Gloaming
France 2010 / 14’
director: NoBrain
screenplay: Niko
cinematography: Quentin Rosan
editing: Niko, Grégoire Sivan
animation: Sabotage, Belanim
sales: Auteur de Minuit
awards: Festival International de cinema d’animation de Meknes 2011 – Special Jury Award
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour

The Gloaming, a production of the NoBrain group, is close to The Fallen Art by Tomek Bagiński owing to its sense of humor and additionally to its anti-military character. In comparison with the Polish young classic the French animation stresses spectacular momentum and dynamics.


NoBrain is a collective of four French directors who work together since 2001. Sylvain, Sébastien, Charles and Niko came from the postproduction area: Sébastien and Sylvain are specialized in compositing, Charles in 3D and Niko in postproduction supervision. NoBrain was created in 2001 as an independent structure for postproduction. The Gloaming is their first short film.


2010 Zmierzch / The Gloaming (short, anim.)

I’m Going to Disneyland
Je vais à Disneyland
France 2009 / 3'30’
director: Antoine Blandin
screenplay: Antoine Blandin
editing: Antoine Blandin
animation: Antoine Blandin
sales: E.M.C.A. Angouleme
language: French
colouration: b&w

The cartoon animation of Antoine Blandin has a clear interventionist character. Through the story of an 8-year-old named Calvin he draws attention to small children deprived of happy childhood for whom life in its numerous aspects becomes a painful experience.

Antoine Blandin

A 21-year-old student, a director, a stage designer, a composer, an animator and editor in one person, who touches upon psychological and social problems in his creative work and I’m Going to Disneyland is its proof.

Selected filmography:

2009 Jadę do Disneylandu / Je vais à Disneyland / I’m Going to Disneyland (short, anim.)

The People from Flight 103
Die Leute vom Flug 103
Germany 2010 / 8'34’
director: Fedor Belenky
screenplay: Fedor Belenky
editing: Fedor Belenky
animation: Fedor Belenky
sales: Fedor Belenky
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour

Belenky’s ambiguous cut-out gains additional areas of meaning in our country. The crash of the passengers of an airplane shown here automatically brings about associations with the tragedy of 2010. The analysis of human behaviors, which was certainly the starting point for realization of the production gets completed in our country with input exceeding the intentions of the film’s authors.

Fedor Belenky

Born in Saint Petersburg, lives and works in Germany. At present he studies Media Art & Design at the School of Fine Arts Saar. In his free work he often concentrates on existential questions and the quest for the being.


2010 Ludzie z lotu 103 / Die Leute vom Flug 103 / The People from Flight 103 (short, anim.)

The Inventor
France 2010 / 4'25’
director: Jean-François Martin
screenplay: Jean-François Martin
animation: Gary Fouchy, Jeremy Guerrieri, Paul Jaulmes, Nicolas Leroy, Leslie Martin, Maud Sertour, Alexandre Toufaili
sales: Auteur de Minuit
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour

An inventive passion awakens in a nice elderly man at breakfast time, which was born as a result of the sight of a hard-boiled egg. The effect of the discovery will be the increase of activity a stoic.

Jean-François Martin

Jean-François Martin was born in Paris in 1967. After studying at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Arts, he started his career as artistic director of Bayard Presse, a post which he gave up in 1997 to forge a career as an independent illustrator. He has worked ever since for publishing houses and the press, both in France and abroad. He gives regular exhibitions in Paris.


2010 Wynalazca / L’inventeur / The Inventor (short, anim.)

Miss Remarkable & Her Career
Fröken Märkvärding & Karriären
Sweden 2010 / 29'50’
director: Joanna Rubin Dranger
screenplay: Joanna Rubin Dranger
animation: David Rylander, Jeremy Purcell, Donal Mangan, Candice Lavender, Fergal Brennan, Malin Erkkonen
sales: Swedish Film Institute
awards: Nordisk Panorama 2010 – FIPRESCI Award; Uppsala IFF 2010 – Audience Award; Cork FF 2010 – Audience Award; Tricky Women Festival 2011 – Audience Award
language: Swedish
colouration: b&w

Miss Remarkable & Her Career is a story of career’s development, its breakdown and the struggle with own demons served in a funny form. The cartoon pictures bringing to mind the splendid Persepolis by Vincent Parronaud and Marjane Satrapi are accompanied by the ever-green pop music standards including I Will Survive and ABBA’s hits.

Joanna Rubin Dranger

Joanna Rubin Dranger is a graphic novelist, artist, writer, director and a professor at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, where she is head of the mastergroup Storytelling. She published her first picture at age nineteen and has since then published several graphic novels, short stories and children’s books. Her books are translated to eight languages. Joanna Rubin Dranger have also had solo exhibitions, written essays for magazines, papers and radio, created theatre plays, stamps for the Swedish Post Office, book covers, illustrations, Christmas decorations and cuddly creatures.


2010 Pani Niezwykła i jej kariera / Fröken Märkvärding & Karriären / Miss Remarkable & Her Career (short, anim.)

Prepared by: Patryk Tomiczek

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